DJ Crykit

Michelle Kolnik, originally from a dairy farm in the little known city of Kenosha, WI, is now known as a nationally recognized DJ and dancer. At a young age she left to pursue her creative passions (music, dance, & fashion), landing in none other than, California. Bouncing around with her contagious positive energy and eclectic style, Michelle became known as “Crykit” (pronounced CRICKET). Showcasing talent both on the dance floor as well as behind the decks, Crykit quickly hopped into the limelight as a well-known personality in the revered underground San Francisco rave scene.

She launched her career as a DJ by playing at drum and bass parties and soon progressed into the hip hop scene as an up-and-coming female break dancer (B-girl). Her unique understanding of music, being both a professional dancer and DJ, makes her one of the most exciting DJ’s to watch! Ever the entertainer, Crykit has an uncanny ability to get every body in the room feeling her vibe. After years of making a name for herself around the Bay Area, Crykit moved to Las Vegas to further pursue her career in entertainment. Immediately landing a 2 year residency at TAO & LAVO Nightclubs, it is in Vegas that she crafted her uniquely Crykit multi-genre club sound. A true open format party rockin’ DJ!

As a tastemaker and total nightlife babe, Crykit is often praised for her style, ability to seamlessly fuse mainstream hits and club bangers with fresh remixes, and knack for relating to broad audiences. You can find her rocking a wide array of events from fashion shows to large clubs & festivals. With her lovable personality and undeniable hard work ethic, she has quickly risen to the top of the ultra competitive Las Vegas DJ scene. Recently awarded by Las Vegas Weekly Magazine as ‘Best Local DJ 2013’, she continues to be a crowd favorite and one of the cities most sought after artists.