Lounge Orfanz

Acoustic Duos

The "Lounge Orfanz" Duo is "G" the Guitarist and Mo who perform on Guitar, Bass and Vocals. They have worked with Grammy award and Platinum recording Artists (see below in the Bio's)
They produce their own Eclectic Acoustic Electronica-Rock and Latin hybrid remix style (that’s a mouthful!) and apply it to the variety of music they perform. (ex: Rock, Classic Rock, Reggae,  Flamenco, Country, Alternative, Electronica, Jazz)

The virtuosity of these two musicians paint a broad canvas of sound at times incorporating instrumentation with the use of state of the art digital effects on guitars and the vocals as well. A chorus of voices are realized by singing into a device which multiplies it into many giving the Lounge Orfanz the larger than live sound they are known for.
Custom written, recorded percussion tracks are often applied however the Duo performs COMPLETELY LIVE with guitars, bass and vocals.