Michelle Kuzura

Accounts Representative
Recurring Accounts Manager

Cheery, bright, fun and engaging…all adjectives that could easily describe Michelle Kuzura. If you’ve called in to the Frequency offices chances are you’ve spoken to the delightful woman herself. Michelle is an avid music fan, and an amazing leader with the organizational skills that help Frequency run a tight ship when it comes to special events and team management. Michelle heads up our recurring accounts division, handling artist scheduling needs and client inquiries for new performance opportunities at all of the Casino properties we service. Because of this, Michelle has developed a special bond with the many Artists we represent, and is quick to present solutions for both Artists and clients with respect to the ever changing demands of the casino entertainment market. As office manager, Michelle directs the flow of contracts as they make their way through the offer and acceptance stages. If you haven’t met her yet, give her a call, we’re sure she’ll brighten your day!