Rick Duarte

Sales Director

Rick Duarte is an entertainment entrepreneur and self taught artist/entertainer that has staked his claim in his native town of Las Vegas with his eyes on the world. From the humble grass roots of the local music scene, Rick created the most attended open-mic event in Vegas history. As a result, Rick Duarte was celebrated as a "Local Hero" by the Las Vegas Weekly in 1999 for the impact his efforts made on the local music culture. On the heels of this success he turned his sights higher and organized the 1st independent showcase of local artists on the Las Vegas Strip called Acoustic Asylum. In 2002 Rick Duarte started A2 Productions, Inc. and grew his independent music business model into a half million dollar a year business producing live music events, mixers, and corporate events in Las Vegas. Rick produced concepts, created event brands, and functioned as a key consultant in creating 7 nights of showcasing and live entertainment content in the Lounge at Palms Resort Casino every week from 2002 to 2005. With the closing of the Palms Lounge in 2005, Rick went back to the House of Blues to start the Acoustic Strip showcase as well as performed with many of the city's most high profile cover acts. In 2006 Rick dissolved A2 Productions and started a family. In 2008 Rick foresaw a void in the entertainment market as budgets crumbled with the national economy. Throughout his music career of 25+ years, Rick has performed for many Fortune 500 company corporate functions at many if not every coveted live music venue and convention area in Las Vegas. Rick Duarte believes in the power of music, the people that make it and the opportunities and business it creates - everywhere!