At Frequency Entertainment we pride ourselves on transparency. As performers ourselves, it is important that the talent we represent trust and enjoy working with us. We don’t engage in business agreements that are designed to enrich our business at the expense of those we work for. Often in our industry, there are obscure dealings whose net results leave well deserved earnings in the pockets of the wrong people. We believe in the mantra that “everyone gets to win,” and we understand that someone attending a concert or a show has come to see and hear the performer on stage; the reward for a great performance and turnout isn’t to be disproportionally distributed to the performer's representative. We are morally obligated to these tenants in our business, and the performers we represent can, and will always be able to attest to that.


Frequency Entertainment is always looking for new talented performers, bands, DJ’s, dancers and others with odd freak-show-like skills. We produce our own acts, as well as represent both exclusive and non-exclusive talent to our international customers. Please check back here often for openings in our exclusive productions. If you think you have something that we may be interested in representing, please send us your demo. If you would like us to fast forward through your demo, we prefer it in digital format either through a youtube video link or direct to our email at If you must, you can send it by snail mail. Please send a request for our address through our contact link in the header of our website.

Current openings

BASS PLAYER: Touring member, second cast for a Beach Boys tribute act. Must sing.

Currently seeking

MALE LEAD SINGERS: Top 40/dance production act. Must be able to perform moderately difficult choreography. Styles: Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Robin Thicke, Bieber. Yes, beliebe it or not.