The Salamanders


Start with a rhythm section made up of world class studio musicians, boasting resumes that would rival any party band on the planet. They have worked with major music labels, motion picture companies, television studios, and have toured with household names. They have played all over the nation for some of the worlds largest corporations, and have backed artists like Collin Raye and Kenny Loggins. As the most talented and decorated group of guys the industry has to offer, they are literally second to none. Now, add two superstar caliber vocalists with true genre-jumping ability. This front man-and-woman team wastes no time on watered down “That Will Do,” cover version vocals. They bring an authentically charged, intensely energetic performance with the rare and unique ability to smoothly transition from one song and style to the next, making each one hit harder than the last. A Highly talented team that will settle for nothing less than perfection, has an obvious chemistry on stage and the added benefit of being very easy on the eyes. They are unique and without competition or duplication!